SHOK truly unconventional handmade puzzle safe box ‘LAWN MOVER’

12 November 2020 -
SHOK truly unconventional handmade puzzle safe box ‘LAWN MOVER’


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Unique rough handmade puzzle safe box. There is locked inner space (little surprise there and it’s big enaugh for several flash drives, mini classic phone, message etc.) for your treasures accessible only after solution of the puzzles. 

This puzzle box was inspired by classic old americans lawn mover (do you see that there?). The first level puzzle is quite obvious, it’s variation to vintage puzzle ‘Gordian knot’, the second one is just to slow you down little bit :).

It’s made of massive steel parts, so it’s really heavy ,don’t let it fall down to your foot :)

ONE UNIQE PIECE ONLY! If you have puzzle SHOK, you have puzzle like noone else.

It’s made of upcycled old steel parts in ‘natural’ surface, puzzle can black your finger little bit.


Difficulty: 3,5/5

Height about 2 Inch / 5cm, lenght almost 10 inch / 25cm

Weight about 1456 grams. It’s really heavy, so shipping fee is higher. Europe, USA – shipping about one week. Canada, Australia about 4-5 weeks, sorry about that.


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