SHOK Handmade brainteaser puzzle ‘WRENCH CHAOTIC BOX’

23 February 2021 -
SHOK Handmade brainteaser puzzle ‘WRENCH CHAOTIC BOX’


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Unique rough handmade puzzle box. There is a lot of steel pieces of vintage wrenches inside. Just open the box, pour steel pieces out and then put pieces back in and close the box. Sounds easy, right? Well, it’s not, you will probably hate me during puzzling :)

There is no hint, no solution on paper etc. You will just solve it or not. Please accept that before purchase.

It’s made of massive steel parts, so it’s really heavy, don’t let it fall down to your foot :)

ONE UNIQE PIECE ONLY! If you have puzzle SHOK, you have puzzle like noone else.

It’s made of upcycled old steel parts in ‘natural’ surface, puzzle can black your finger little bit, it belongs to the game.


Difficulty: 4,5/5

dimension app.: 2,5×2,5×2 in., 6,5×6,2×5,2cm

weight 1020 grams! (It’s small box but full of solid steel).


It’s pretty heavy, so shipping fee is higher. Europe, USA – shipping about one week. Canada, Australia about 4-5 weeks, sorry about that.


Weigth based shipping, you can see the price of shipping on the shopping basket before payment.


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