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Hunting knife as I imagine medieval knife of common people, no decorating or precious metals. Just lightweight handy reliable knife with handy blade. Knife was the most important tool in that time, it was often the most valuable property of man. I like it. In that spirit I made this knife, blade is hand forged of 52100 high carbon steel, handle is natural shape branch of dog wood (Cornus sanguinea), very hard and tough. Dural guard. Handle is very comfortable and nice to hold and work with. Reversible heat hardened leather sheath.

This knife was really ‘hand’ made’, with minimum of electrical tools, maximum of hand work.

One piece only.


8,9 inch, 22,5 cm

4,1 inch, 10,6 cm edge

0,192 inch, 4,9 mm thickness of blade by handle

108 grams, 161 grams with leather sheath.


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