Knuckle-duster SEAT BELT SMALL

28 July 2020 -
Knuckle-duster SEAT BELT SMALL


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Lightweiht, small, flat and suprisingly higly efective knuckle-duster, upcycled from old seat belt buckle. Very secure and comfortable grip. Really efective punch even with small power. 

It’s pretty cool and highly efective self defense tool. This one is smaller version and it’s better for girls hand. Easy to carry in your pocket, inner side of your belt etc. In the case of need of self defense you should punch to lower ribs or collarbone, or wherever you can but punch to some bone is more efective than to fat or muscle..

One piece only. If you care about our planet, upcycled products is the best way for you.


Dimensions: 2,5×1,8×0,254 inch

64x46x6,5 mm

only 40 grams.

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Weight 0.040 kg