About SHOK

Hello all,

It has been a long time ago since I’ve created my first knife in my father’s workshop, I was only seven years old. The knife itself was not great at all and I can’t remember if something was even cut by it but let me tell you, this was beginning of my passion into knives and I was so proud I created something on my own. What a great feeling.

As a fan of all great authors such as Ernest Thompson Seton and Karl May I spent lot of time in a countryside living my own adventures. Of course I had some knife with me all the time. 

Everything what you can see in my gallery of knives or brainteasers 
is created without any input from automated machine production. All my products were drawn on a paper at first and then created by my hands. 
I would like to create an unique piece for each fan of nature like me.

Why my handmade products are special? I think about our environment and nature so  I use old good steel with history such as old files, drills, wrenches, saw blades, train springs etc… You can see some examples in my gallery Process creation. I believe many of those old great materials can be reused and can get a new purpose. Nowadays recycling and caring about environment is a must. That’s a reason why I do my best to make products with minimal carbon foot print.

My knives are made like I would made them for myself. And I want only the best.

Vašek Skopek